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TOTO Drake Toilet Review

To say that one toilet is just as good as another would be to tell a story to convince yourself that you should settle for a toilet that is less than impressive. The truth is, not all toilets are created equal, but you can have a toilet that functions better than expected, without breaking your bank. TOTO toilets are the key. If you don’t believe me, read our TOTO Drake toilet review and find out why inexpensive is still impressive.

toto drake toilet review

Features of the TOTO Drake

The Drake is an elongated, two-piece toilet that has a very contemporary look. It is made using glazed cotton white ceramic to give it a classic, but it also has a stylish look that is a higher profile than normal.

The bright glaze that is on it is called, SanaGloss. This gives the toilet a super smooth, ion barrier to protect your toilet. The SanaGloss is also on the inside of the toilet and ensures that every flush is able to clean the toilet bowl effectively.

It has a 3” flush valve to ensure that when you flush, it happens quickly. The fact that it uses a G-Max flushing system further encourages speed when flushing. It is also quiet and powerful; more like a commercial toilet.

The trapway has been computer designed to be effective. It has a width of 2 1/8”. This means that toilet paper and waste will not be something that causes your toilet paper to clog.

It requires a standard 12” rough in. The bowl height without a seat is 14.625 inches. This is so that once you add the seat, it will be near regular chair height so that you can get up from the toilet and down on it with ease.

The Drake only uses 1.6 gallons per flush. This means that it is still usable when you are having a water shortage. It also ensures that you will save money on your water bill each month.

Owner Reviews for the TOTO Drake

On Amazon, the TOTO Drake is considered a “Best Seller” and its one of the best TOTO toilets. It holds an average rating of 4.4 stars after more than 300 reviews. The people who own this toilet say that no matter what you put down the toilet, it will disappear down the trap with only one flush. This includes both the toilet paper and the waste, even if you are someone that can test the limits of a toilet without trying. They like how little it costs them to own it and how easy it was for them to install it. Even though it is a two-piece set up, they feel that everything fits together well, but you do need to purchase an O-ring and a toilet seat separately.

The only true downside to this toilet is the fact that some people have to hold down the trip lever for a second to ensure that it flushes properly. Otherwise, you get just a small flush, which is ideal for urine, but not so good when it is time to flush solid waste.

Is The TOTO Drake Worth Considering?

On Amazon, this toilet is perhaps one of the most affordable toilets available. This alone makes it worth considering for most people. That being said, its not as well-loved as that of the TOTO Ultramax. It is a two-piece toilet, which is easier to work with if you plan to install the toilet without help. It is an elongated bowl, which some people prefer and it does the job that it is supposed to do as a toilet. All of these things mean that it is worthy of your consideration. However, if you forget that you should hold the handle down a second, then you could be disappointed with your purchase. Most people do not find this to be too difficult. Other people want a toilet that allows you to flush and run. Either way, whether you do a full flush or a half flush, you should not have to worry about anything stopping it up. That is really all I care about in a toilet. How about you?