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Camco Travel Toilet Review

For women (and men), going out camping in the woods or fishing can pose a challenge. When nature calls, as it inevitably will, you must strip down to answer it. This causes many women to worry about their privacy and there is always the concern of urinating at an odd angle and soaking your foot. […]

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LUXE Bidet MB110 Toilet Seat Attachment

 There are a lot of people who are curious about the modern conveniencen of a bidet. They want to know if bidets work, if they are a convenient way to clean up, and what other benefits they may offer to the user, if any. The problem is, most people cannot afford the luxury of a […]

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Astor Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Review

 A bidet is a great way to ensure you no longer have to worry about a foul body odor down below. Its primary purpose is to ensure that toilet paper no longer has to be something you use. Most of us miss out on the freshness because a toilet with a built-in bidet is not […]

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