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Swiss Madison Toilet Reviews

Swiss Madison has been creating high-quality bath products designed to add elegance and grace to any home décor. They take pride in providing the most innovative and modern design combined with the latest technology. Their line of “well-made forever” products allow you to pick the perfect design to meet your bathroom aesthetic without spending a fortune.

This review will provide you with a brief overview of everything Swiss Madison Toilet have to offer, including the advantages that Swiss Madison can provide for individuals with smaller bathroom footprints, a short overview of the most popular views of verified customers, and the pros and cons of the Swiss Madison Toilet.

Features of the Swiss Madison St. Tropez

The Swiss Madison Toilet has a modern design that will easily fit into any décor. The sleek look and modern functional operation offer a fully skirted look with a built-in trap way making cleaning quick and easy. The soft closing seat means you never have to worry about someone forgetting to close the lid. Installation is a breeze, as the design features easy to access bolt caps and wax ring.

The Swiss Madison Toilet features a dual tornado flush at a more affordable price than similar models. This toilet features an elongated bowl design and has a taller, 18-inch height making it especially great for taller individuals or individuals that have issues raising from a sitting position.

Things to Consider

Rough-In: The rough is size is the area needed to allow for proper installation of your toilet. In general, most toilets will have a 12-inch rough-in size. Before installing your new Swiss Madison toilet double check that your area will allow for at least a 10-inch distance between the center of the flange and the nearest wall.

Hands-Free Operations: These days it is not uncommon to find toilets that offer a hands-free flush. Some toilets may still have a standard lever flush or a push-button design. These features will vary from the toilet to the toilet.

Various Flushes: There are several types of flushes available in modern toilets.  The most common are power-assisted, such as the tornado flush found in this Swiss Madison toilet; a vacuum assisted flush that draws the water through the system, and gravity assisted flush, which is more common in less expense or portable toilets, such as those found in RVs.

Water Conservation: Conserving energy has become a primary focus for individuals. If a company follows eco-friendly practices in regard to water conservation, then they are allowed by the EPA to adhere a label to their product that states the item abides by WaterSense. All Swiss Madison toilets meet or exceed these standards. This will lead not only to helping conserve water but an overall reduction in energy and water utility costs as well.

Size: While many of us would love to have a bathroom the size of a small bedroom, the reality is that many of the footprint sizes of bathrooms are the smallest rooms in our homes. Therefore, we must consider the overall size of the room when deciding on which toilet we want to purchase. Many of the most common problems arise when homeowners fail to consider the depth and location size of their new toilet.

Every purchase you make is going to have its pros and cons; the Swiss Madison toilet is no different. Here are a very of the pros and cons that customers have shared about the Swiss Madison toilet. These pros and cons have been collected only from verified customers who have purchased the Swiss Madison SM-1T254 model with a tornado flush.

Pros and Cons 


  • Modern design that complements all bathroom decor.
  • Tornado flush that completely cleans all waste from the bowl with each flush.
  • Skirted design
  • Extra tall making it easy to get up or great for taller individuals.
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Soft-Closing seat
  • Elongated bowl


  • Will likely require a professional for proper installation.
  • May not be comfortable for some users due to the extra height.

Top Reviews

One customer exclaimed, “I loveeeee my toilets 🙂 super sexy and sleek.”

They had previously ordered one toilet and was so happy that they decided to replace every toilet in their home with a Swiss Madison toilet. The customer does explain that the installation had to be done by a professional contractor as her husband has “no idea what a drain pipe is”.

They had some issues with the color of one of the parts and was happy to share that the issue was remedied quickly by customer serve.

Another customer shared that they loved how the Swiss Madison toilets look in their new home and are so happy that these were the model they chose during construction. The money saved allowed for several additional upgrades to their build they did not expect.

Another customer swears that Swiss Madison's customer service should be the standard by which all measure transactions are measured! I've never seen anything like it.

Finally, a customer wanted to make sure that everyone that was interested in the Swiss Madison toilet knows that it is best to seek professional installation. He did not take that advice and was forced to pay even more to have the toilet properly installed by a profession once he had messed it up. Luckily the Swiss Madison customer service department was able to assist him with getting the replacement parts he needed for proper installation.

Final Words

The Swiss Madison Toilet offers the perfect combination of design and elegance at a more affordable price than similar models from other manufacturers. With Swiss Madison, you can expect superior quality and customer service that is touted as second to none.

Swiss Madison toilets are beautifully crafted for the most part. They also contain many of the required features we look for in a reliable residential bathroom. No matter why you want to pick up a new toilet, replacing a broken one, or upgrading to more modern design; Swiss Madison offers some of the most elegant and modern toilets at a competitive and affordable price.