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Best Light Up Toilet Seats & Night Lights

Toilet NIghtlight Options and Reviews

The bathroom can be a scary place in the middle of the night, especially when you have to fear who may have been in there before you and missed the toilet trying to relieve themselves in the dark. And its not just children that are scared to go to the bathroom at night, its adults […]

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Best Toilet Bowl Brush for Cleaning

Toilet Brush Reviews

Everyone knows that a bathroom is an ideal area for germs and bacteria to flourish. It is a room that can be quite “odorific” and difficult to clean. And let’s be honest – nobody likes to clean a bathroom, let alone the toilet! While we haven’t found a secret recipe for never having to clean […]

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Best Toilet Seats and Reviews For 2018

Mayfair dual purpose toilet seat

For some people, choosing a toilet seat means walking into a store and purchasing the cheapest seat they can find. Other people realize that there is a huge variety of available toilet seats and they want the best that they can get for the best price. Regardless of which category you fall into, you can […]

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