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What is the Best Kohler Toilet?

kohler veil intelligent toilet

We should never underestimate the power of a toilet, as this is one of the most important items in our life. So, we say it’s a high time to invest in a good quality toilet. Are you with us? If yes, then we have a question for you – how one can know which toilet […]

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Kohler Memoirs Comfort Height Toilet Review

kohler memoirs

Kohler is a name brand that many people turn to when looking for new faucets and other bathroom and kitchen items. The name brand itself is a name that most people think of when they are searching for quality. That is perhaps one of the main reasons they love the Kohler toilet, but that is […]

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Kohler Cimarron Comfort Height Toilet Review

kohler cimarron

When you truly think about your bathroom and the things inside of it, you have to admit that the toilet is the most important part of it. There are bathrooms that do not have a tub or a shower, there are bathrooms that may not have a sink, but without a toilet, it simply is […]

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Kohler San Raphael Pressure Lite Toilet Review

san raphael low flow toilet

Water conservation is a big issue for many people and it has an effect on a lot of different areas. That is why we hear so much about turning off the water when brushing your teeth and stuff. The thing is, very few people realize that when they want to conserve water, the first thing […]

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KOHLER Wellworth Toilet Review

kohler wellworth toilet

Most people do not put a lot of thought into their toilet. It is just a mandatory piece of bathroom furniture. Other people realize that a good toilet can make all the difference in how their bathroom looks, how comfortable they are while in it, and how clean the bathroom smells or looks. If you […]

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KOHLER Santa Rosa Toilet Review

Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet Installed

When you want a powerful flushing toilet, you should look at the Kohler Santa Rosa. There are a lot of name brands on the market, and it can be difficult to tell which toilet is going to be best for you. However, when it comes to bathroom fixtures, KOHLER is a name that many people […]

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Kohler English Trellis Design Portrait Toilet Review

kohler english trellis design

Most people do not think of their home toilet as an added decoration to their bathroom. Kohler has decided that it is time to change the way everyone thinks. They have designed a toilet that adds more to the overall appeal of your bathroom, and the best thing is, you simply have to decide you […]

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Kohler Peonies & Ivy Design Revival Toilet

Think of a beautiful lady’s room or a teenage girl’s room and the way you may want to decorate it. Chances are good, you will picture flowers and vines. It is everything that is truly beautiful and feminine. Now, imagine how cool it would be to take that decor into the bathroom, starting with nothing […]

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