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American Standard Bidet Smart Seat

american standard bidet smart seat

Buying a toilet without a toilet seat may seem like a hassle and an extra cost but it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, you can make a smart purchase and get a toilet seat that will best suit your wallet and your needs. Recently, electronic smart bidet toilet seats have become very […]

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Kohler Bidet Toilet Seat Review

kohler bidet

Why would you be satisfied with less, when this world has got so much to offer? And one of those things includes a smart bidet toilet seat. Happiness starts with little things, right? Well, with this cleverly designed seat, you will never again think the same about going to the bathroom. Quite the opposite, you […]

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Best Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Reviews

best bidet toilet attachments

Bidets are a bathroom feature that are rapidly gaining popularity. A bidet is a device or attachment that is used to clean your genital area after using the bathroom. They are a more sanitary and gentle method of cleaning then using paper products. They greatly diminish if not eliminate the need for toilet paper. There are […]

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TOTO Neorest 500 Toilet Review

Neorest500h toto

In the case of owning a washlet toilet, cheaper isn’t better. The name brand that everyone has known for 90+ years, has created a toilet with a Washlet that makes it stand out above the rest. It doesn’t come cheap, but this TOTO toilet and Washlet is beyond all expectations you may have. To find […]

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TOTO B100 Washlet Elongated Toilet Bowl Review

TOTO B100 Toilet Washlet

All bathrooms have the same basic features. Most all include a shower and a sink, some have tubs that look great, and a bathroom wouldn’t be a bathroom if you didn’t have the toilet. However, most people do not put much effort into choosing a toilet. They all seem pretty basic. The TOTO B100 aims to […]

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LUXE Bidet MB110 Toilet Seat Attachment

 There are a lot of people who are curious about the modern conveniencen of a bidet. They want to know if bidets work, if they are a convenient way to clean up, and what other benefits they may offer to the user, if any. The problem is, most people cannot afford the luxury of a […]

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Astor Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Review

 A bidet is a great way to ensure you no longer have to worry about a foul body odor down below. Its primary purpose is to ensure that toilet paper no longer has to be something you use. Most of us miss out on the freshness because a toilet with a built-in bidet is not […]

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LUXE Bidet Neo 120 Toilet Attachment Review

Luxe Bidet Neo Review

If you want a bidet, you are not alone. There are a lot of people out there seeking a better way to handle cleaning up after using the bathroom in their home. They want to save money on toilet paper and discover what true cleanliness feels like. Luxe is a company that specializes in keeping […]

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TOTO Washlet G500 Toilet Review

toto washlet g500 review

We live in a world that is filled with germs. Everyone is concerned about body odor and most strive to be as clean as possible. That is why many people LOVE using the TOTO Washlet. It is a toilet that helps you get cleaner than you ever imagined possible. That is why some people are […]

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Brondell Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Review

brondell swash 1000 advanced bidet review

Most people will never experience the feeling of total cleanliness without a full shower. This is because most people will not be able to afford a toilet that has a bidet on it. Toilet paper, no matter how much you use, will never leave you as clean feeling as a mini shower. People will also […]

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