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Guide to the Best TOTO Toilets and Reviews

The TOTO Company has a simple philosophy; to create a company that will be a trusted name around the world. They are also dedicated to making a contribution that will better society. The motto of the company is to work hard, take pride in your work and always strive to do your best. In this post we will cover:

Best TOTO Toilets Comparison Chart​

TOTO Ultramax II
toto ultramax
1.284.5Check Price
toto drake ii
1.284.5Check Price
TOTO Washlet G500
toto washlet g500 toilet
Dual Flush4.3Check Price
TOTO Eco Soiree
toto ultramax
1.284.1Check Price
TOTO Aquia
toto aquia
Dual Flush3.6Check Price

Why Are TOTO Toilets Superior to Others

TOTO is a superior company because it bases its business model on five simple principles that will help them fulfill their philosophy.

  • They use advanced technology to produce plumbing products, to help promote a more comfortable life style for people around the word.
  • They focus on engaging in ongoing research and development, in order to provide superior quality products to its customers.
  • The company creates a work environment where individuality is both respected and encouraged. This helps to promote innovation.
  • TOTO strives to not only meet, but exceed customer expectations for all of the products and services that it offers.
  • TOTO supports the environment. They value the preservation of limited natural resources and strives to protect and preserve the environment in any way they can.

Top 5 TOTO Toilet Reviews

1. Ultramax II

toto ultramax ii double cyclone toilet

The TOTO Ultramax II is a one piece, high-profile toilet. It features a high efficiency double cyclone flushing system that increases efficiency and decreases water consumption. TOTO uses highly advanced materials including the SanaGloss ceramic glaze that is specifically designed to repel mold and debris. The TOTO Ultamax II is a water-saving toilet. It is designed with the environment in mind. It has a 1.28 GPF water consumption rate. It has an elongated bowl and comes in a clean cotton white color. This toilet features beautiful chrome fittings. It has a large basin with a wide backsplash for ease of use.


  • The SanaGloss glaze allows the bowl to be cleaned with less water and fewer chemicals
  • It is classified as a water saving toilet
  • Comes with a comfortable “Soft Close” seat design


  • The seat that comes with the toilet is said to be hard and uncomfortable

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2. Drake II

toto drake 2

This is the best Toto economy toilet. It is innovative and contains double cyclone technology, for more efficient flushing. It was manufactured in Japan and can be purchased with an elongated bowl in a cotton white color. Additional colors available include bone, colonial white, ebony and sedona beige. This toilet is ADA compliant. The TOTO Drake II is a gravity flush toilet with a 1.28 GPF (gallons per flush) water consumption rate. It features a powerful, quiet flush with an impressive 1.6 GPM flow rate. This toilet weighs 89 pounds and comes in a 2 piece design.


  • Polished chrome handle
  • Reliable
  • Economic because it consumes less water per flush
  • Environmentally friendly


  • This toilet is a little more difficult to install than others due to its 2-piece design
  • It does not include a toilet seat

3. Washlet G500 w/ Toilet

Neorest500h toto

This is a top of the line toilet designed to be beautiful, ecological, and efficient. It features everything you may want in a toilet, but it also carries a hefty price tag. It has a compact design and an advanced ceramic glaze. This helps reduce debris, mold and bacterial build-up on the toilet, thus making it easier to clean with less water and fewer chemicals. This toilet also features a remote control that controls everything from water flow, to temperature, to a built in blow dryer. Additionally, it has a heated seat for those cold mornings. Furthermore, it is a dual flush system so you can use a lighter flush for fluids, thus saving water and money.


  • Includes a heated seat
  • You can control washing, drying and temperature
  • It can save settings for 2 people
  • Includes an automatic air deodorizer
  • Comes with a remote


  • This model is very expensive
  • The features may be complicated to use. It comes with a 61-page manual.
  • The toilet is more complicated to install

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4. Aquia 

Toto Aquia Dual Flush Toilet

The TOTO Aquia is a beautiful and affordably designed toilet. It looks nicer than the Drake II and it is easier to clean. It has a Dual-Max flushing system, which uses a lot less water and lowers your water consumption. The Dual-Max flush option enables you to use more water for solid waste, but allows you to use less when it is not needed. The flushing mechanism is located on the top of the tank. It comes in a variety of finishes, including bone, colonial white, cotton white, ebony black and Sedona beige.


  • There is a selection of colors to choose from
  • You can also select the color of the flushing mechanism
  • This toilet will help you conserve a lot of water


  • The seat is not included in the purchase price
  • Elongated seats may be more difficult to locate if you need a replacement
  • Elongated seats may be more expensive to purchase

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5. Eco Soiree

Eco Soiree ToTo Toilet Review

The Eco Soiree model is a one-piece unit, with a cool skirted design and a high profile tank. It has an elongated front bowl, and a soft padded seat which is included. The Eco-Soiree model comes in cotton white, Sedona beige, bone and colonial white. This model features a double cyclone flushing system to make cleaning quicker and easier. It has a very strong flush even though it is a low consumption toilet.


  • The SanaGloss glaze helps to keep the toilet clean longer
  • It uses nozzles instead of holes in the rim to make each flush more effective for cleaning the bowl
  • Available in multiple colors


  • This model is not known to be quiet
  • The seat is hard plastic and may not be very comfortable to sit on

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Which is the Best TOTO Toilet

The best TOTO toilet depends on what criteria you are using to determine what is best. The nicest toilet with the most features is the TOTO Washlet G500. It has every bell and whistle a toilet could possibly have, but it also comes with a very large price tag. For most consumers, the Ultramax II will offer a nice combination of features and value. It does not come with a heated seat or a remote control, but it is a good low-consumption, high-efficiency, ecologically friendly toilet choice that is affordable for most family budgets. So if you want the best toilet they make, you will want the Washlet G500 with integrated toilet; and if you want the TOTO toilet for the best value, you should consider the Ultramax II. Remember, you can always add a bidet toilet seat later.

How to Install a TOTO Yourself

  1. Before you begin to change out your old toilet. Make sure you wear gloves.
  2. You should take a small bowl and remove as much water as possible from the bowl. Be prepared for splashes because you will not be able to get all the water out of it before you remove it
  3. Turn off the water valve behind the toilet before you begin
  4. Unscrew the tank-bolts that fasten the basin to the bowl
  5. Replace the old flange around the drainage opening with a new one. Unbolt the old flange and place the new flange over the hole. Next, drive in any mounting bolts through the flange and into the floor
  6. Fit a new wax ring around the bottom of the toilet bowl, just around its drainage hole. The ring can either be plain, or with a funneled inside edge
  7. Ensure that the flange is really tight to the floor. If the flange is not tight, it may be necessary to remove the wax ring and try to fasten it all over again. If necessary, tighten or replace the flange screws
  8. Now lift and place the toilet bowl over the anchor bolts that protrude from the floor. You need to be careful here because this step is tricky and may take several tries
  9. Once the anchor bolts fit snugly inside the floor bolt openings, rock the unit from side to side, which will create a seal around the toilet drainage hole
  10. Insert the bolts through the tank and base, and then gently tighten them using your hand
  11. Insert shims or other spacers if necessary underneath the toilet so as to allow for leveling
  12. Tighten the floor bolts gradually with an adjustable wrench until they are completely secure. Tighten one side first, then the other side, going back and forth. Be careful not to over tighten as this might crack the bowl. Find the right balance between sealed, and too-tight
  13. Carefully fit the basin over the bowl, making sure the basin bolts fit inside the bowl. Tighten the basin bolts by hand. Again, don’t over tighten
  14. Now reconnect the water line and turn on the water supply
  15. Caulk around the base of the toilet to ensure a good seal

Potential Issues 

  • Many TOTO toilets are very expensive so many people may not be able to afford one.
  • The elongated toilet bowl on some models may make it difficult for you to find a toilet seat that will fit your TOTO toilet.