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Best Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Reviews

best bidet toilet attachments

Bidets are a bathroom feature that are rapidly gaining popularity. A bidet is a device or attachment that is used to clean your genital area after using the bathroom. They are a more sanitary and gentle method of cleaning then using paper products. They greatly diminish if not eliminate the need for toilet paper. There are a many different kinds of bidets. Some you can buy as a whole unit with the bidet already installed, others come as an attachment you can add to the toilet. In this post, we will cover the following topics:

Toilet Seat Attachment Comparison

A.S. Smart Bidet
american standard smart bidet
YesDual Nozzles; Warm Air Dryer; DeodorizerCheck Price
Kohler Bidet
kohler bidet
YesIncludes Remote; UV Sanitization; LED LightingCheck Price
Luxe Neo120
Luxe neo120 bidet
XAdjustable pressure; knob controlCheck Price
TOTO Washlet
toto washlet b100
YesSelf-cleaning nozzle; Panel controlCheck Price
Astor Bidet
astor bidet
XRetractable nozzle; knob controlCheck Price

Top 5 Bidet Toilet Seat Reviews

1. American Standard Bidet

american standard bidet

The American Standard Electronic Bidet Smart-Toilet Seat is designed to provide exceptional hygiene, hands-free operation and maximum comfort. It was also designed with the intention of helping you save water. It has a remote control, heated seat and air dryer.


The installation is simple and easy if you have access to a power outlet. All the parts needed are included in the packaging. You will need your own tools to attach the connections. If you do not have easy access to a power source then you might want to consider a professional installation expert for assistance.


  • The seat and lid uses slow close technology
  • The special heated seat offers you 3 different temperature settings to choose from
  • 6 different pressure settings and offers 4 different water temperature settings
  • It features a built-in deodorizer
  • The self-cleaning sprayer system has 2 independent sprayers
  • Comes with a warm air dryer that offers 3 different temperature options
  • Includes a matching remote control


  • The air dryer does not work well according to customers reviews
  • The air deodorizer could be a little more powerful according to some reviews
  • This product may need professional installation because the product requires electricity

2. TOTO B100 Washlet

TOTO B100 Toilet Washlet

The TOTO Washlet B100 is designed to connect to any elongated toilet that has a separate water tank attached to it. This handy device will replace your existing toilet seat. You will need an electrical outlet nearby, as the heating features for this device runs on 120 volts of regular household current. Once properly connected, you will be given a wide range of temperatures to select from. When not in use, the unit can be turned off but will heat up quickly once turned on.


This bidet is more difficult to install and may require the assistance of a plumbing professional. Read more on the full review.


  • The nozzle comes with a dual-action spray for maximum coverage
  • You can keep it as cool or as warm as you want with 3 temperature settings
  • It has a heated seat
  • The seat is contoured for maximum comfort


  • Can only be used with elongated toilets
  • This unit will require electricity for use
  • ​This bidet is a lot more expensive than a non-heated alternative
  • ​There is no air dryer
  • Control arm is poorly placed

3. Kohler Bidet w/ Remote

kohler bidet

The Kohler Bidet is the innovative evolution to today's bidet technology. Combining touchscreen controls with heated comfort, this is the bidet that really stands out above the rest. This device will replace your existing toilet seat with a top of the line heated seat. This attachment is easy to install but it does require a power outlet connection. The Kohler Bidet comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

This toilet seat is ergonomically designed to ensure you have a comfortable seat. It has anterior and posterior nozzles so that you can enjoy a warm aerated wash. The touchscreen remote puts you in control and you can program two user presets. The water temperature and water pressure are adjustable. It is self-sanitizing using a UV light. 


All the equipment needed for the installation will be included but you will need a few tools to connect the parts. This bidet is designed to work with two-part toilets that have a separate water tank. If you don't have easy access to an electrical outlet, then it may be a better option for you to have a professional plumber install this bidet.


  • The water line has an in-line heater that provides heated water
  • There are 5 different temperature settings for your personal comfort
  • The adjustable pressure, dual spray action provides maximum coverage for effective cleansing
  • Comes with an adjustable air drying unit that allows you to adjust temperature and strength of the air force
  • It has special touchscreen controls
  • It can store programmable preference settings for two different individuals
  • There is an automatic night light feature that will illuminate the bowl making it easier to find at night


  • The night light feature cannot be turned off
  • There are some customer complaints that the water pressure is too low
  • Some people claim that the remote does not work
  • Set up instructions are too difficult for some customers to understand

4. Astor Bidet

astor bidet attachemtn

The Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electrical Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment is the upgrade that you have been waiting for. The device will attach to any existing two piece toilet in about 10 minutes. This simple addition is powered by water pressure so there is no dangerous electrical hook-up required. It is designed to connect to any toilet that has a separate water tank attached to it.

Installation of the Astor Bidet

Every part that you need for instillation is included in the package; you will just need a screwdriver to get started. The special design of the Aster Bidet toilet attachment allows the device to mount under the toilet seat and connect to the existing holes in your toilet using the adjustable mounting bar. Once connected, you have the ability to adjust the water pressure to your own personal comfort level using the custom control dial. 


  • The Astor Bidet is manufactured using high-grade plastics that help prevent leaking and rusting
  • This product is environmentally friendly by reducing the need for wipes and toilet paper
  • ​Comes with a one-year warranty
  • While not in use, the spray nozzle remains retracted so that it maintains the highest degree of sanitation possible
  • This bidet toilet seat attachment does not require electricity for use


  • The attachment can only be installed on a two-piece toilet system
  • Cannot change temperature of water
  • Some customers claim to have issues with leaky connections

5. Luxe Neo 120

Luxe Bidet Neo Review

The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 toilet attachment is made of high quality parts and materials. It features an attractive design and can be used with most toilet bowls that are elongated. The unit is very quick and easy to install. It has a sleek, modern-looking design. This bidet offers you an affordable way to reduce your waste product consumption and increase sanitation level.


This device can attach to mostly any two-piece toilet that has a separate water tank. The adjustable screw eyelets allow it to connect easily under any toilet seat. The installation process takes about 10 to 20 minutes. The equipment needed for this installation is included in the package; all you need is a screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. 


  • This bidet toilet attachment comes with a chrome plated control knob that is easy to use
  • The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 can be assembled easily and used without electricity
  • The Neo 120 was created using high-pressure valves usually found in faucets that are made with a metal/ceramic core
  • This bidet is extremely affordable
  • The Luxe Bidet comes standard with the 18 month warranty


  • This Luxe Neo 120 bidet attachment for toilets only connects to cold water
  • This unit can only be attached to a two-part toilet
  • ​The attachment can only be installed on a two-piece toilet system
  • ​Cannot change temperature of water
  • Some customers claim to have issues with leaky connections

Features of a Bidet or Washlet

Bidets offer a variety of features and can be quite pricy if you purchase them with an integrated toilet. However, buying a new toilet is not always cost effective. Alternatively, there are toilet seat attachments that you can purchase for much cheaper and it simply upgrades your existing toilet seats to a bidet. This means that you could have a cool water wash or a warm water wash. You can have a toilet seat that not only washes your bottom, but one that air dries you as well. Some of the available bidet toilet seats allow you to have a heated seat so that on those cold winter mornings you do not have to get a sudden chill just because nature called on you. Some are battery operated and some are the full electronic bidet toilet seat that you would normally only find in lavish hotels.

Pros of Using a Bidet

  • Some bidets come with a warming feature
  • More affordable than the integrated bidet toilets, such as the TOTO G500
  • You can purchase a bidet toilet attachment that you simply add to your existing toilet lid and water connections
  • Bidets can also be purchased as a toilet seat replacement that has the bidet already integrated into it
  • It is more environmentally friendly as you no longer need to use toilet paper
  • Because toilet paper is bleached, bidets are a safer option as well. (more on that here)

Potential Issues with Bidets

  • The vast majority of bidets can only be installed on two-part toilets with a separate tank
  • They may require professional installation
  • Some bidets require an electrical hook up

Results: The Best Bidet Toilet Attachment

It is our recommendation that the American Standard Electronic Bidet Smart Toilet Seat offers you the best bidet attachment for the value. It has all the features found in the most expensive models, but it costs a fraction of the cost. The lower priced models did not require electricity and are easier to install, but they only connect to a cold water source and have no heating options available. Many people will find these models to be uncomfortable to use when it is cold. They are much cheaper and would be a good option for those interested in seeing if they would like using a bidet before investing a ton of money in a top of the line unit.

The American Standard Bidet offers all the features found on the KOHLER, but is almost half the price. This offers you the most features for the best value, which is why it is our best recommendation. Most people will not find satisfaction with a bidet that does not offer heating options. The drying unit is convenient and allows you to be able to eliminate almost all bathroom paper waste products. The built in deodorizing feature is also very nice on this unit. Consumers interested in purchasing a home bidet attachment will find the American Standard Bidet is a good choice. If you still want to explore your options, the following options made our top 10 list...

6. TOTO C100 Washlet

toto washlet

This toilet seat promises to give you a gentle aerated, warm water shower every time you visit bathroom. The spray system oscillates to ensure you are totally clean and you can adjust everything from the water temperature to the amount of water you use. It is also a heated toilet seat bidet. 

7. SmartBidet SB-2000

best bidet seat

This bidet for toilet works with elongated or round toilet bowls. It offers oscillation and a self-cleaning nozzle. You can adjust it to spray forward for women or back for men. The water temperature and the heated seat temperature is adjustable. There is also a warm air dryer. Even though it is electric, it is set up to save energy. 

8. Brondell Swash 1000

brondell swash 1000 advanced bidet review

This advanced bidet is the most popular choice according to many. It offers both feminine and posterior warm water sprays and two twin adjustable nozzles. The water and seat are adjustable so that you get the right temperature. It has water pressure controls and the nozzles oscillate. You can choose round or elongated toilet seats. 

9. BioBidet Bliss

best bidet seat attachment

The BioBidet offers a lot of features. It has an unlimited adjustable water selection with hybrid heating and hydroflush technology. It is self-cleaning, comes with a wireless remote control, and provides both feminine and posterior washing. It is easy to install without help from a plumber and it is electric. There is also a 3-year full coverage warranty and 36 months’ warranty that covers parts and labor. 


best bidet toilet attachments