TOTO Ultramax Toilet Review

Elongated toilets are ideal for spacious bathrooms and people who want a little more room while on the throne. That is perhaps what makes the TOTO Ultramax such a popular choice for many people. However, it is not the only reason. Everyone knows that TOTO is a popular choice for bathrooms. Therefore, if you are curious about why you should trust the Ultramax to be a reliable toilet inside of your home, you should read our TOTO Ultramax toilet review.

Features of the Ultramax 

toto ultramax toilet review

The Ultramax is a one-piece, sleek looking toilet that has a high profile. This means that it will look great in your bathroom and it will be easy for you to sit down on, in every way. The bowl rim measures in at 14 5/8 inches high. However, if you have a smaller bathroom or prefer to avoid elongated toilets, you can also choose the Ultramax round toilet bowl design as well. The round bowl is just as high up at the rim as the elongated bowl.

This TOTO toilet is named the Ultramax for one reason. It provides a commercial strength flush from your home toilet. This means it can get the job done when it comes to flushing and it gets all the stuff that normal toilets may leave behind. The good news is, even though it is a commercial strength flushing machine, it is still quiet enough to not disturb your neighbors when you do it.

The Ultramax gets it outstanding flush power from its 3-inch wide flush valve and a siphon jet flushing system. The flush valve is wider than standard toilet valves and it has been computer designed to get rid of the wastewater quickly. This is further enhanced by a fully glazed trapway, which will ensure that your toilet does not hold part of the waste inside of it.

Even though this toilet offers the maximum amount of power possible, it still saves water. It uses only 1.6 gallons of water per flush. This saves you major dollars if you have to pay your water bill based on the amount of water you use per month.

This toilet features that soft close lid that TOTO is popular for. This means that you will never again hear someone banging the toilet lid closed in the middle of the night.

Owner Reviews for the TOTO

The Ultramax is a definite favorite for many people. On Amazon, it holds a 4.5-star rating, which proves that most people give it high reviews. This is because people love the larger, elongated bowl. It provides you with a large water surface. They enjoy the fact that it flushes fast and flushes out completely. It is a model that even plumbers are willing to say is good enough to use in their homes and the homes of other people.

The biggest issue that people have with it is the fact that it does often seem to get damaged during shipping. They say that you should check the toilet as soon as it arrives at your home to make sure that the box and the toilet are in good shape. Otherwise, you could be wasting your time and your money if it leaks.

Is the TOTO Ultramax Toilet Worth It?

Overall, most people who have purchased this toilet are very happy with the way it functions. They say that it is an affordable, reliable, toilet that rarely clogs and stays clean. The price is also reasonable on this toilet. There are also four colors for you to choose from to ensure that it looks great in your bathroom. You can choose from colonial white, bone, cotton white, and Sedona beige. You can accent the toilet with other TOTO bathroom items and know that you have a bathroom set that will function properly for many years. Therefore, it seems that most people feel that the TOTO Ultramax is a worthy toilet. Our review of it really does not point to anything different. When it comes to a toilet that does its job well, we feel that this could be the best way to go. Especially if you want an elongated toilet bowl and seat.

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