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Guide to the Best Compact Toilets For Small Bathrooms

compact toilets for small bathrooms

Even though you have a tiny bathroom, it doesn’t mean that it cannot be both functional and stylish. In fact, there are numerous ways to maximize space in your small bathroom, including the use of a compact toilet. So, today you’ll find out how to make the most out of your small bathroom and enjoy […]

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Guide to the Best Dual Flush Toilet Reviews

best dual flush toilet

Dual flush toilets are a great way to lower water bills and contribute to the environment. That’s why these toilets have become so popular lately. But, how do these toilets work and which one would be the best dual flush toilet for your bathroom? Well, you’re about to find out, so stick with us.  Quick […]

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Best Portable Toilet Reviews For Camping and Boating

best portable porta potty

What better way to have a great time than camping or boating with your friends? But, there is one thing that you need to think about, and that is: what you’re gonna do when nature calls? Well, portable toilets for camping are a solution for that. In this article, we’ll talk about these cleverly designed […]

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Guide to the Best TOTO Toilets and Reviews

The TOTO Company has a simple philosophy; to create a company that will be a trusted name around the world. They are also dedicated to making a contribution that will better society. The motto of the company is to work hard, take pride in your work and always strive to do your best. In this […]

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Guide to the Best Composting Toilet Reviews

composting toilet reviews

Do you want to replace a traditional toilet at your home with an eco-friendly and functional one? Perhaps you live in a travel trailer and need a waterless toilet to process toilet wastes because it cannot be connected to the septic system. Or, you live in an area of water shortage and need a reliable […]

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Best Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment Reviews

best bidet toilet attachments

Bidets are a bathroom feature that are rapidly gaining popularity. A bidet is a device or attachment that is used to clean your genital area after using the bathroom. They are a more sanitary and gentle method of cleaning then using paper products. They greatly diminish if not eliminate the need for toilet paper. There are […]

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Best Low Flow High Efficiency Toilets

Kohler Cimarron Low Flow Toilet

Do you really ever think about how much water you flush out of your home on a daily basis? Most people don’t think about it at any time unless there is a water shortage or they see their water bill steadily rising. Low flow toilets are becoming more popular because they can save you money […]

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Raised Toilet Seat with Arms Review

Riser Toilet Seat Reviews

The bathroom is one of the most basic rooms in a house but the area of a home where people are more likely to get injured. It does not come as a surprise to know that people are likely to slip and fall in the bathtub or the shower, but what surprises most people is the […]

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Best Light Up Toilet Seats & Night Lights

Toilet NIghtlight Options and Reviews

Often, the bathroom is small and plainly decorated yet visited often throughout the day and night. What if you could dress it up to make it fancier and perhaps even more functional? That is the point of having a light up toilet seat and toilet night lights. As an added bonus, it can make potty training […]

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Best Toilet Bowl Brush for Cleaning

Toilet Brush Reviews

Everyone knows that a bathroom is an ideal area for germs and bacteria to flourish. It is a room that can be quite “odorific” and difficult to clean. Most of the trouble comes when you try to clean the toilet, one of the few areas in your home that is constantly filled with waste. We […]

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