Best Toilet Seats and Reviews For 2017

For some people, choosing a toilet seat means walking into a store and purchasing the cheapest seat they can find. Other people realize that there is a huge variety of available toilet seats and they want the best that they can get. Regardless of which category you fall into, you can find an affordable toilet seat that will turn a cold, uncomfortable seat into something worthy of sitting on. We are here to help you discover the best seats available for your throne by showing you our favorite based on the best toilet seat reviews.

Whether you're new toilet came without the seat (like many TOTO toilets), or you are looking to upgrade your current seat, we have listed our top 5 toilet seats. 

Top 5 Toilet Seat Reviews​

1. Kohler Cachet Quiet-Close Round Seat

Kohler K Toilet Seat

This is an easy to clean toilet seat that is available in a variety of colors. It is made of solid polypropylene and resists staining and chipping. This slow close toilet seat also works on both one or two-piece toilets. 

2. Flush Down Automatic Closer

Flush Down Automatic Toilet Seat

This seat is designed to make elongated or round-shaped toilet seats close quietly in the night so that pets cannot slurp water and babies cannot splash. It is a fully mechanical option that keeps your bathroom cleaner than ever before. 

3. Mayfair NextStep

Mayfair toilet seat

NextStep is a toilet seat that serves dual purposes. It is an adult sized seat with an included child potty training seat. You can choose a round or an elongated seat size that is white, bone, or biscuit in color. It is ideal for helping small kids feel safer on the toilet. 

4. Bemis Molded Wood Elongated Seat

bemis pink toilet seat

This is one of the few toilets that will enable you to have a pink toilet seat. There are many colors available and all of them are easy to clean and made of durable wood so that you do not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

5. Kohler Ridgewood Molded Wood

Kohler wooden toilet seat

If you like the traditional wood toilet seat style, Kohler’s Ridgewood is a great choice. It is available as a round or elongated seat and there are three basic colors to choose from. It works with one or two-piece toilets and has a very traditional look that appeals to many.

What Makes the Best Seat?

In the past, you could only choose from soft seats or standard hard seats for your toilet. There may have also been different toilet seat sizes such as elongated or round. Those were the days when you could run in, grab a seat, and be happy that you had it. Some of the newer model seats are much more interesting. There are soft close seats, which prevent you from the bang in the middle of the night if someone slams it. You may also choose an automatic toilet seat that rises as you walk near it so that you do not have to do it yourself and self-closing toilets that ensure your partner never forgets to close the lid. As an added feature for the middle of the night toilet issues, including being blinded by the light or not realizing the seats up until you “fall in”; you can get a toilet night light. Furthermore, there are toilet seats with arms that make sitting safer and easier for the elderly or disabled.

Toilet Lid Vs Seat

When you look at a toilet seat you will notice that it has two parts. The toilet lid is the part that covers the toilet bowl so that you do not have a big hole showing. The toilet seat is the part that you will sit on if you want to be comfortable. The seat is the part that you want to be most comfortable, which is why many are padded. The toilet seat lid is something you most likely either always leave open or hate that it slams down on its own. By closing it after you visit the bathroom, you are increasing the cleanliness of your bathroom. You can further decrease the germs in your bathroom by using disposable toilet seat covers (for high traffic bathrooms). If you are looking for even more functionality from your toilet seat, such as sprays or deodorizers, check out our guide on the best bidets.