American Standard Champion 4 One Piece Toilet Review

If you are looking for a toilet that is priced affordably, but gives you a good flush from an elongated bowl, the American Standard brand may be ideal for you. However, you may want to stick with the Champion 4. It is an elongated toilet that promises quality in a classic style. To find out why people are loving it, you should read our American Standard Champion 4 review. It may be the toilet that you have been searching for.

Features of the American Standard Champion 4 

american standard champion 4 toilet

This toilet is a one-piece toilet that leaves no crevices for dust or germs to hide in. It is a guarantee that you can clean every part of it so that it will always look as good as it did the day you put it into your home. This also gives it a very elegant design that fits well into any bathroom decor, whether you choose the white, linen, or bone color option.

This toilet is made with an EverClean surface that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew that may plague some toilets. It is also a feature that prevents stains inside of the toilet.

The Champion 4 has a flush system that features a valve that is made using 4-inch piston action and accelerator. It is one feature that makes it more powerful than all other toilets on the market today so that you have a powerful water jet coming into the toilet. The most surprising part is; it only uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

The trapway is 2 3/8in wide so that you can expect water and waste to flush out easily. This means you should not have to deal with waste being left behind by a flush. However, the flush is as quiet as it is powerful.

american standard champion 4 toilet

American Standard toilets set the bar when it comes to toilets. They back their products with a 10-year worry free warranty on every part of the toilet, inside and out. This means that after you purchase this toilet, any issues that you have with it will be covered. The only exception is the toilet seat, which you must purchase separately from the toilet. However, if you can purchase a toilet seat from the company, it may be covered as well.

User Opinions on the Champion 

As you read through reviews, you will quickly discover that this toilet is loved by all who use it. They have had great results with the customer services of Amazon and American Standard. The toilet ships quickly and it is well packaged. Most say that they got tired of their low flow toilets and upgraded to this one and could not be happier that they did so. The biggest complaint that most have regarding it is that it is heavy to deal with at 117 pounds.

The others who complain about it are mostly people who did not really want the elongated toilet as much as they had thought. Elongated toilets are not round bowls. Therefore, small children who cannot sit back on the toilet may have accidents that include having solids land on the elongated front part of the bowl. Some children are also unable to urinate without issues on it. This is not a fault with the toilet. It is a fault with the elongated size.

Final Thoughts on the One Piece Toilet

The American Standard Champion 4 toilet is a quality toilet for anyone who wants an elongated toilet at a reasonable price. If you are not happy with the elongated toilet style, you will probably not enjoy using the Champion 4. This does not mean it is not a great toilet for others, as proven by the 4.6 overall rating on it. This may not be an ideal toilet if you are concerned about the weight of it. It can be hard for some people to install without help because of the weight. In general, though, it will satisfy every need most people have for their toilet and it looks great while doing it. It could also be the last toilet that your home will ever need.

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